Gallagher Corporation Adds Laser Marking System

Polyurethane Manufacturer Continues Commitment to Re-Investment to Meet Customer Demands

Gurnee, IL: The Gallagher Corporation has announced the implementation of their automatic laser marking system.

This automatic laser marking system is indicative of Gallagher Corporation’s dedication to re-investment which supports their value of high levels of service and quality for their customers.

The price tag on the new laser came in at just over $50,000. According to Rick Gallagher, President of Gallagher Corporation, “while other less expensive systems were available, nothing came close to the laser system for permanence and ease of use.”

The laser controls allow complete customization when it comes to size and depth of the marking.

This laser marking system allows complete traceability and peace of mind. Each part can be dated with the exact second that the part is removed from the mold.


Every part produced by Gallagher is controlled by a detailed instruction sheet called a “router”. By having a detailed date on each part, the Gallagher team can look up the specific router that was used to produce the part. This permits a comparison of real-world performance to manufacturing variables – e.g., raw material lot number or mold operator.

Should a customer have a concern about an underperforming part, Gallagher’s Quality Control department would be able to look up the specific router to determine the root cause.

The new laser marking capability has already been a hit for key Gallagher customers looking to increase the traceability of the manufacturing process. “They like to know we keep their best interests in mind,” said Gallagher Quality Control Manager Ed Sigler. “They like to know that we’re keeping a close eye on our process and that we have a method in place to determine root cause in case anything ever did go wrong.”

Since 1965, the Gallagher Corporation has been committed to offering safety and quality before all else. While many companies tout quality as their differentiator, at Gallagher, the commitment to quality is the main driver for re-investment.  The Gallagher Corporation is a custom molder of cast polyurethanes  and injection molded TPU.