Polyurethane Metering Rod Bed

One of Gallagher Corporation’s greatest strengths is meeting the unique requirements of specific customers. For the paper industry, these include large parts and tight tolerances. Gallagher has the know-how to excel under these circumstances. Polyurethane fits the industry well due to its hydrolytic stability and low coefficient of friction. Furthermore, because polyurethane can be cast as a liquid, tight tolerances can be held in critical areas while the whole part could exceed 38 feet in length!

Case Study: Polyurethane Metering Rod Bed


Coated paper manufacturers have relied on the knowledge, expertise and manufacturing capabilities of Gallagher Corporation for decades. They do this because Gallagher maintains a reputation of the highest quality and the finest attention to detail.

Metering rod beds molded in polyurethane by Gallagher offer unmatched levels of hydrolytic stability, chemical resistance, low coefficient of friction and high wear resistance.

The molds to make polyurethane rod beds can be quite long and difficult to handle. Gallagher Corporation has dedicated storage areas to hold these molds on-site for the customer. This on-site storage translates to quick order fulfillment so the end user can keep their equipment up and running.