Polyurethane Technology Investments

Bring Gallagher even the trickiest requirements of your most important components, and time after time, we turn them into success. How do we do it – even as your demands keep getting tougher?

One reason is that we continue to reinvest in our business, constantly enhancing our expertise and equipment with developments in polyurethane technology.

Key Components of Successful Polyurethane Processing Technology

Gallagher invests millions of dollars per year in:

  • The latest processing equipment for maximum accuracy, productivity, and efficiency
  • New engineered materials for higher physical properties
  • Planned maintenance on existing equipment to maximize uptime and performance

It’s all carefully analyzed and planned to produce optimal value for you.

5 Reasons You Can Count On Us

  1. We have decades of application engineering experience.
  2. We are financially sound, with no debt.
  3. We have the capacity and staff to take on your additional business.
  4. We are a progressive manufacturer with plans to stay in business for a very long time.
  5. We are unequivocally serious about meeting our commitments to our customers.