Polyurethane Wiper Blades and Polyurethane Scraper Blades

Urethane wiper blades and urethane scraper blades are common in many industries and equipment. Gallagher casts polyurethane wiper and polyurethane scraper blades to your requirements. They are flexible, non-corrosive, and resistant to chemicals. They are perfect for demanding conditions with continued service demands.
The blades can be produced completely from polyurethane. But it is more common to bond the urethane to metal. With Gallagher’s expertise in bonding, you can rest assured the blade will perform.

Polyurethane Wiper Blades and Polyurethane Scraper Blade Applications

Conveyor Belt Wipers:

Conveyor belts handle many types of materials — wet and dry food products, and mining systems. Note that food processing requires the use of FDA approved polyurethanes are durable.


Snow Plow Blades

Polyurethane snow plow blades are durable and designed to reduce vibration. The polyurethane is flexible, minimizing damage to objects integrated into paved surfaces.

snow plow blade

Resurfacing Slurry Seal Wipers

Used in the micro paving process, these wipers disperse a slurry solution into cracks or potholes. They have excellent abrasion resistance and are durable.