Contouring Polyurethane Parts

Machining tapers, chamfers, grooves, and other surface configurations into wheels, rollers, and other round parts all fall into the general category of contouring.

The tool works best when positioned .025 to .075 inches (.6 to 2 mm) below the center of the work-piece. The chips should come off in a continuous ribbon. Try to keep the chip from wrapping around the work-piece. If this occurs, stop, remove the urethane that wrapped around the work. Reduce the feed rate.

Safe fixturing of parts when contouring is very important. When contouring urethanes softer than 95A, use a tool with 15 to 30 degrees of top rake. Lathe speed depends on the O.D. of the part. In general, high rpm works best. Feeds should be slow until experience is achieved.

Note: When machining urethane, wear a full face mask.

Knifing Polyurethane

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