Designing Polyurethane Products

The following steps in order yield the best approach to design and problem-solving. We encourage you to contact us for help every step of the way.

  1. Prioritize the properties that are necessary for performance in a given application.
  2. Material characterization – bring us in at this stage. The urethane elastomers can be tailored to an almost infinite variety of material properties. We can assist in the selection. There is no perfect elastomer for all applications, but there are usually one or two choices that are worthy of prototype testing.
  3. Establish a prototype test program simulating the operating conditions. Acceleration of testing by increasing cyclic rates or amplitudes beyond the application parameters always results in excessive heat build-up in urethanes and unsatisfactory data.
  4. Modify the compound or design to correct any deficiencies noted in testing.
  5. Set up a limited field trial and monitor results.
  6. Modify compound and design if required.
  7. Write a material specification for inclusion with design drawings.

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