Grinding a Polyurethane Part

Urethanes 55A to 80A durometer can be ground successfully in an engine lathe using a tool post grinder. Use low turning speeds – below 150 rpm, with the lathe running in reverse. Start with the grinder feed rate set .005 inches per revolution. Use a slower feed to improve surface finish or to remove more material by taking a deeper grind.

We have found that a 46 grit wheel with a slight radius on the leading edge works well. RPM of the wheel should be in the 2250 to 3250 range. Again, a low work-piece turning speed of 150 rpm is a good starting point. Fine abrasives can be used for final polishing.

Urethanes above 80A durometer usually require some type of coolant; however, they can sometimes be ground dry. Water is a good coolant and can be applied with a brush or with a fine spray mist. We recommend that the grinder is equipped with a dust collector or the operator wear an approved dust mask when grinding or sanding urethanes.

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